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User avatar #16 - landerp
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(11/27/2012) [-]
bullies have existed since the beginning of civilization. it's your choice to either ignore it or mutilate your body.
User avatar #64 to #16 - bothemastaofall
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(11/27/2012) [-]
Or use pepper spray. I did that to one kid.
User avatar #95 to #64 - colegaleener
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(11/27/2012) [-]
Please, tell us of your story, preferably not a
User avatar #149 to #95 - bothemastaofall
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(11/27/2012) [-]
Alright, here goes.
> Be me
>joking, here we actually go

Anyway, this is freshman year in college. First semester is full of bs easy a courses like intro to soc, speech, etc. One of these classes is Western Civilization II. Now, I like to sit in the front row. Forces me to pay attention, but there was this one douche nozzle cum bucket who sat right behind me. These seats were like theatre seats. Fold down, but you could put your feet in between the seat back and the cusion, and this guy did this every day I sat in the front. I asked nicely (well, as nice as I felt like) for him to take his feet down. He did not. In addtion, this guy, whenever passing me on his bike, would yell some vulgarity or laugh obnoxiously or some **** like that. He's about my size, but was always with friends.
I'd enough of these pieces of ***** when I was in middle-high school. I ordered some pepper spray off of ebay cause I wanted to **** this guy if it came to a fight, which it did. Now I just had to wait for a time to use it. BTW, this **** stings. It burnt my eyes a little just spraying it in my dorm. Use wisely. Also, don't buy a big bottle (>3oz). Waste of money. Cops just take it after first use anyway.
Where was I, oh yeah. So one day after that class I left before this guy, which resulted in him passing me on his bike. I noticed he wasn't with friends, and he was about to pass me on my left side. Right as he was about to pass, I spun over to the left, ball kicked his back tire, and he toppled.
I was going to keep walking, and do nothing, but this guy was a moron. He got up, actually yelled "What the **** is wrong with you?!", and punched me in the face.
He didn't realize that I had the pepper spray in my right hand. The instant after he hit me, I stepped back and sprayed him with it.
Some dude came over, I offered to help the guy, and about 7-8 min later, he actaully tried to bike away blind and choking.
User avatar #213 to #149 - landerp
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(11/27/2012) [-]
that's a good one, but i think i can one-up you.

i was at a party last saturday night at university and fell asleep in my car with my friend, she was in the passenger seat and i was in the back seat. my other friend and some guy came by and picked up my friend who was sleeping in the front and left me sleeping in the back. the douche that was there with my friend came back later with a few buddies and, after breaking into my car, they buzzed my head with some trimmers. i woke up the next day and had no choice but to buzz my whole head and am now practically bald. luckily, that douche's friend told me who did it and my friends and i got some revenge. after we lured him off campus, we held him down and i used my trimmers to shave the top of his head to near baldness and took out his left eyebrow. to finish it off, i put my U-lock from my bike around his neck and locked it. i told him he would only get the key if he tells me the names of those who helped him, and wont be able to get it off without the key unless he cuts through it with a torch. he is currently a complete skinhead and still has the bike lock around his neck. i'm still waiting for that list.
User avatar #163 to #149 - colegaleener
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(11/27/2012) [-]
Did you get arrested? LOL. Serves the niglet right.
#159 to #149 - bothemastaofall
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(11/27/2012) [-]
I go to my next class, not really thinking too much about it, but expecting some backlash. Nothing I can do now anyway.
I go back to my dorm, and about 1.5 hours later, a cop shows up. I was in the lobby at this point, and he passes me to go straight for my dorm. After questioning my roomate about my wherabouts, he finds me in the lobby. We talk in my dorm, and I tell him the exact same **** in the above post. I explained that I tried to help the kid, he hit me before I used the spray, yadda yadda.
Turns out, the ************ called an AMBULANCE. Paramedics showed up for this ****!
MFW the school doesn't press charges, I'm not sued by this cunt, my parents never find out, I never hear this kids voice again, and I became a legend in my dorm.
#195 to #159 - Ivandrago
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(11/27/2012) [-]
That reminds me of what I did, although it was nowhere near as awesome.

I was in 8th grade, and I've always been bigger than everyone else. I think I was around 6' tall at this point, ~200lbs. This kid was about half a foot shorter than me, but still somehow got off on just annoying the living **** out of everyone. Not a day would go by where he wouldn't just relentlessly slander some of the more unpopular kids in the locker room. I was really getting tired of it. I've never been one for confrontation, so I just avoided him for the most part. One day, as I'm changing in PE, he was fishing for a response out of me from my locker. He said something that unknowingly touched a nerve, I don't even remember. All I know is that I went into a rage, and after he walked back to his little circle of friends, I just ran over, and decked him in the side of the head. I barely missed his temple, thankfully. I was seething mad, and none of his friends were stupid enough to try to protect him against me.
He starts crying on the spot in front of all his friends and kids he had previously oppressed. No one said a negative word to me or any unfortunate kid while I was in the area again. I'm pretty sure the PE teachers saw, they just didn't care. I never got in trouble for it.

mfw I punch a kid in front of all his friends and no one says ****.
User avatar #168 to #159 - colegaleener
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(11/27/2012) [-]
Wow dude, that's a pretty cool story, you actually stood up for yourself rather than just being a pussy like most of funnyjunk.