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#121 - teenytinyspider
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(11/27/2012) [-]
The worst part is, now she can't be brought back to court because of the double jeopardy stuff. Yes, the stuff against double jeopardy is good and all, but I think they need to change it to where if you're acquitted and they find more convincing evidence later(like DNA evidence) then they should drag you right back into court, but it has to be damn good evidence.
User avatar #149 to #121 - kidsquicker
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(11/27/2012) [-]
She may not be able to be tried for the same crime twice, but she can be brought back to court on a lesser charge. As long as the prosecutor can fit the crime to the definition of a slightly lesser charge that what she was originally tried with, she could potentially serve time.
Although she was found not guilty of first degree murder, she could be tried for second degree murder or another similar charge.