Title goes here.. Description goes here.. id was - i. ' Sir, we believe ) U may be in possesion , we have a warrant to search sdur house. Erhmm.. Not Home Right
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Title goes here.

Description goes here.

id was -
i. ' Sir, we believe ) U may be in possesion , we have a warrant to search sdur house.
Erhmm.. Not Home Right / pplease Knock again and Leave a message afterthe beep
biggs)) ....Alright, he' s resisting bring in the battery ram..
4 #314 -NORSE
BREAKS DCCA Dch/ h/ N' This is the National C) faice obsecurity . Hands nan sdur head!
Hiding inthe CHER with mareed"
**** .. ) Hamill
were the ***** the Crazy lane i m SC) ****** SC) ******
313 - MOOSE
Search .
Holy **** , there' s at least 2 tons offaly in this ******* meet alone.
Cm the DEA ran the line, we gota bust.
Wurst out the oven'
HUI NOT OJINO DOWN . ‘Gets the acid out the Freezer'
Not this Time 'gets the from the Caut: h Cumin“
******* out this Bitch “wens the Closet'
313 - MOOSE
has him! Taze him!
t/ 820 - MOOSE
Seeyou are under arrest, ) U have the right to remain silent, anything ) U say can and WILL be used
against ) U in a court !
silenter) t) eames out the Bathroom'
it #322 - MOOSE
Sheets Edi)"
stabs Repeatedly in the Neck and Crew
laas onlyy week..... from..... retirement.
Little to ' s Knowlegde, Bob had became a MASTER JEDI drenthe INTENSE Mental
Challenges.. Bob may have Gave up His Vocalizations, Runthrough that. He gained something theater"
Bullet Bounces Head'
OHH , SURFER'S) PS ****** NAC)
Bites Edi)"
s, 'shove Dog in Back a Pound dawwed. Craps the rest ofthe Weed and runs'
k ‘Gets weed and runs away with stash'
Silly dog
That was only a pound
Nought's sametime anyway
crashes into ) U with a helicopter'
Thank god we were Driving this Tanka spawned
Better Refill my health ‘uses cheats again'
333 - MOOSE .
lil; 'goes to a store and orders 2 Burger Meals'
f, to (h) Burger home ofthe good burger may I take sdur order?
I Let me CH 2 Large double cheezburger meals
an Pepper and uhh, What dd tou want to Drink bob?
Wm. just get him the same, 3 ofthose Chocolate Chips cookies; pizza and sdmb
r I 'hands dyer a haluan whee"
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Submitted: 05/14/2010
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#7 - Gunbabe **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - EpicBacon **User deleted account** (05/17/2010) [-]
lol epic xD
User avatar #1 - ItsBoobyWhoElse (05/14/2010) [-]
i faved it lol

im not a stalker
#8 - galagalafligflog (06/12/2010) [+] (1 reply)
**galagalafligflog rolls 795,376,739** 2 sets of doubles and i will do all of what was just said on video
User avatar #6 - MegadethNate (06/06/2010) [-]
**MegadethNate rolls 547,731,643** Triple and everybody who hasn't seen this pic dies.
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