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User avatar #3 - SquishyHaribo
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(11/23/2012) [-]
we have a porcelain chicken jug we call the puking chicken because you pour the gravy out of it's mouth

nothing funnier than your grandma making puking noises as she pours her gravy
User avatar #5 to #3 - drastronomy
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(11/23/2012) [-]
we have a special kind of coca cola bottle in my country, and since our fridge is cold as ****, everytime we want cola we have to squeeze it out of the bottle. This creates a farting sound, and it looks as if the bottle is excrementing.

Everytime my mother pours to a guest, she moans as if in pain because of a **** coming out.

that is why they are not recieving guests anymore
#17 to #5 - SquishyHaribo
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(11/23/2012) [-]
so much better than mine
#36 to #17 - anon id: 668e2d31
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(11/24/2012) [-]
both were pretty damn good though