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User avatar #589 - welfarekid (11/23/2012) [-]
Unless shes saying we can save the world by being lazier fucks than we are now and "save the world" through electronics, then she is completely wrong, gamers, while still being productive when given a tremendous goal, are usually lazy fat asses, rule of thumb: The better you are, the more you no life. (Same with Items Game right here on FJ) Lazy fucks on the computer all day have 10 god gems)
So the task could'nt be physical, you can't be some super soldier. What about the fact that it's a fucking game? Tons of people never even attempt Veteran modes, they just play easy for fun, and fuck around the rest of the time. What about the fact that EVERY person who says "Ima beat hard mode" dies 100's of times while trying. It's a fail and make progress type of think is what gaming is.
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