niggas think. . Baddest Bitch % aha! universe an‘ staff. Why does he have a mans face?
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niggas think

Baddest Bitch % aha! universe an‘ staff

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#1 - nuaden (11/21/2012) [-]
Why does he have a mans face?
Why does he have a mans face?
#8 - ksiota (11/21/2012) [-]
They now come in red.
User avatar #6 - tunotoo ONLINE (11/21/2012) [-]
Man the harpoons!!
User avatar #11 - masterscrooge (11/22/2012) [-]
I've been trying to grow my head volcano out, i shall take some pointers from this true professional of the art!
#10 - knifingbearz (11/22/2012) [-]
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User avatar #9 - saucypeanut (11/22/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Oh, look. A golden-throated small-winged warbler. Just one more for exotic bird bingo!
#7 - Womens Study Major (11/21/2012) [-]
She was probably thinking about how much gravitational pull she has
#5 - sirslenderfox (11/21/2012) [-]
"Universe and staff" huh? i didn't know they were calling the last remaining Twinkies in the USA that now
#4 - corpseeater (11/21/2012) [-]
I'm not sure, but I think this is the same person.
#3 - kcormahs has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - Womens Study Major (11/21/2012) [-]
Hopefully one day African Americans will get tired of the ****** subrace that consistently makes them look bad
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