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More Disturbing Sex Toys

15 More Disturbing Sex Toys
Vibrator Duck and Travel Sized Vibrator Duck
Auto Suck (Plugs into car cigarette lighter)
Kayla's 's Foot Fetish
Kochi the Anime Doll
Prince' s Wand
Mr. Jack with Mustache
Sexy Sadist Cock Ring
Disposable Canned Vagina
Teddy Vibrator
Goo gobblin' Granny
MII/ w
Fearsome Freddie Kreuger Fingers
See more disturbing sex toys below and
one more installment of this series to come
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User avatar #2 - blairbearforever (05/15/2010) [-]
disposable canned vag reminds me of watermelon XD
User avatar #1 - SansCIA (05/14/2010) [-]
o.O some of those... are just scary..
#3 - ronidunnells has deleted their comment [-]
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