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More Disturbing Sex Toys

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15 More Disturbing Sex Toys
Vibrator Duck and Travel Sized Vibrator Duck
Auto Suck (Plugs into car cigarette lighter)
Kayla's 's Foot Fetish
Kochi the Anime Doll
Prince' s Wand
Mr. Jack with Mustache
Sexy Sadist Cock Ring
Disposable Canned Vagina
Teddy Vibrator
Goo gobblin' Granny
MII/ w
Fearsome Freddie Kreuger Fingers
See more disturbing sex toys below and
one more installment of this series to come
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User avatar #2 - blairbearforever
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(05/15/2010) [-]
disposable canned vag reminds me of watermelon XD
User avatar #1 - SansCIA
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(05/14/2010) [-]
o.O some of those... are just scary..
#3 - ronidunnells
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