Faith in humanity restored. This guy.. got a special spot in heaven reserved!. I weal. ta ta tum in a 2 slim that I had to put towards a Full preorder fer any E manly tears were
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Faith in humanity restored

This guy.. got a special spot in heaven reserved!

I weal. ta ta tum in a 2 slim that I had to put towards a Full preorder fer any EDEN!’ ta with the I ! him.
I netted this raggedy faulting kid that we patting amend. leaking real excited, and he tame ta his mam. wine' s wearing a grey sweatshirt with cigarette were and grey sweatpants. super peer. The kid genes "Oh thaw.
mom, leak how seal this are leaks?‘ And he we up a may Man. fer the PSA. I was pretty impressed. becsause than probaley my swam game at all time.
the mam says. pretty grimy. 'That dent leek like it' ll fit in year . This what we came here ta get." I guess thea. Christmas acepting early. It made me kinda sad becauae the kid leaked to he maybe it er IO, and
he didn' t Teletype in Suite anyomore. The kid leaked kinda em and put it back. then started 'airing at which GEIA game he wanted.
he been pretty depressed fer the last eeuu: Iae weeks. but Ines kinda may that the was somethang I amid w seeing meet. Se. I did. argued and bought lhe see; we Man, Metal Gear we 3, and
hardness (same games) than Wiitarded him the bag full taf . the PSA. the hm samba I had with it, and the games. He leaked at me and asked "herl did. andl teld him, "beanie Santa sent me." And
then I leaked up at his inturn and his mam we crying, and that made me are and I lat gamestop a .
felt fellating grad. man. # ,
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Submitted: 11/20/2012
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#1 - laif (11/20/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Good thing OP posted a clear ss.
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