Youtube. . koment e entered soon strat. new open. t was gonna make a gay joke, butt tuck t Bannan: hanu went Misha!“ spam wan» Men’: soon. gay jokes arent funny You are awesome
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koment e
entered soon strat. new open.
t was gonna make a gay joke, butt tuck t
Bannan: hanu went Misha!“
spam wan» Men’: soon.
gay jokes arent funny, t mean cum on guys
went mist' oem
sperm skrym. Men’: spam
was gonna make a yoke about my wk, but t' s too tong
went Misha!“ srsd
mane on nan!’ New sown own» new spam
must hate bradjones, t dam see the pom tn them
Th_ tato went Misha!“ zqsd
won on mm’ em» new spam
wet Vague jokes ate funny mots! Mme Mme
unwoven - went
ow Sham skrym. New soon.
Dude no mote woman jokes PERIOD
went ' oem rnrd
kontent. skrym.
Can you stop wth the jokes? m [Mug to ‘Glen to dubstep here, so Just drop
went mcstorm asch
Stop wht the cupple jokes t cant stand them
New mist' oem
sown own» new soon.
t Dunk you guys ate may acting about the Vanna jokes
xrum_ (rustl mes' oem
too not enjoy computerises not ort: wtt
on mains‘ sown skrym. new spam
sappy jokes arent any better They sink
t. went mist' oem
We been (Mug to Dunk of a , but In comm up short
oven o my 214 ¢
sown amt» new spam
Guys, lets not make any Ull jokes, wette Just plane wrong
Th: riveter oven o my M? ¢
Hey, no mote dea? Nkis, you neat me’?
new sown snot» tent soon.
Hey, ate
Rec/ ) oven 3 my y out
Dunstan my d
narttu' s' soon strat. Item soon.
t agree slutty jokes ate the worst, they mm
oven snotty
amt» Nani spam
alone, cut t out guys
awn / oven
ow mitts‘
we soon skrym. new spam
t was goong to share a joke about pussy, not you wont get l
oven many uasd
How about a Holocaust joke? The}/ vs but Anne Frankly t cant stop
t dd nan that comm;
oven 3 my y - met moon 2
ms f
t had: salad yoke but t tossed t
em» new soon.
was goong to make a but t trust t
t was goong to make an yoke not t mot l
Betere- K) oven 2 my on ¢
t was goong to make a joke about but t probably wont get a proper
mowed oven 2 therry on ¢
Wyatt thok of a salad yoke lettuce know
anyone know any good jokes about sodom?? Na
sown amt» new spam
No mote vagina jokes guys! PERIOD! T
ye sach
Won ontent sow»
Guys enougn wth the , cum on J
Rocketing privated
contention Sham skrym. new seen.
no bradjones please, t dont see the humor tn those
was goong to make a Dubstep joke, but t dont know mo to say
oven 2 my 56 d
Anyone know any Tincan jokes? Because rm really staning tot one
mono Shaman mah
Guys. stop wth the Harry Let' s be struts
t would tell a yoke but Wm on t
laic linneh each
rm deaning a great nook about integrity, t Just cant put t now
women -ledc went typoed
was (Mug to ' s then t ht me
t know thm funny but on he a hard on to swallow
went Minim sarah
Have you heard the yoke about the fence‘! Hus! couldnt get my o
xx went men sach
attck show comment and bago your travel
went Mum
Wanna know an joke? we MUS!
t know thm mexican joke, but t' s kanna thaty
pr% Miriam
on We heard bad t' s mega now
pr% Mum sod
t used gamble tn Mum t found out there were to many Cheetahs
Miriam " ¢
was goong to make a joke about Amnesty, but was goong to make a yoke
about Amnesty
Tyckte WP women Min/ oven 5 my a d
t wanted to make a joke about 9/ 11, but N' s Just plane suicune
Tyckte Wen sany zach
was goong to make a joke about Casey Anthony, but my mom would KILL
rest n my an ¢
was goong to make a joke about
But someitmes hoking me down
Apple Jack ifrst n my 15 ¢
was goong to stop ths crap
But t t was
Apple took Wed 3 my 19 ¢
t wanted to make a joke amt your mother, but t Just cunt bang myself to no
oven 2 my 27 d
was goong to make a black joke, but someone stole l
may women :: oven sf
Minn! have anytihng against black people twink everyone should own one
mutter may own to ssd
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#1 - anon
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old and overdone thousands of times. gay **** is gay
User avatar #2 to #1 - sleepingmexican
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(11/20/2012) [-]