Hobbit to do list. My friend may or may not be a little too excited for this movie...just saying. The Habbit: An Unexpected Journey Alright, " tourretes have be one ring to rule THEM all there and back again the Hobbit bilbo baggins gandalf
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Hobbit to do list

My friend may or may not be a little too excited for this movie...just saying

The Habbit: An Unexpected Journey
Alright, " tourretes have been tabulated, and this is haw the
night will :
Enim: Realize yeu have an hour before yeu need to get ready and
squeal like a little girl cause yeu' re geing see the Habbit!!!!
05 pm: Take a break frem yew squealing and nitice that yew
teammates have been taking videos of yeu and are new nesting
them inline (prepare to yourself later),
Equal again because YOU'" COING TO SEE THE
Spend the next 39 minutes getting ready in whatever way seems
best yeu.
6: 45 pm: Cet in yew car and head the theater, er be ready fer
when yew , buddy semes get yeu
unless yeu' re the ene driving, in which case you should have left
yew house WAY befire this.
Arrive at the Theater, determine whe stands in line first
preferably by Lard of the Rings trivia match).
Rotate every thrity minutes while the rest tof the
group limes their best impression of being a ballarat, Or, if that
gets boring, LARP our favourite scenes from The Lard the
Rings. We weapons: we den' t want get kicked em taf the mall)
last pair stands in place while the rest taf the group gets
snacks) gets in the new FABULOUSLY huge line.
Whenever they let us sit dawn]: Frend pair gets inte the theater
faster than Shadowfax fleeing a flying Nazgul and saves the rest
of us seats.
10: , sit through the annoying videos and
previews, anxiously awaiting the movie start
Unlike . Comment - 2 hours age . E
yeu are my favourite ID
2 hours age , Like , #112
man, We a big deal IE
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Submitted: 11/19/2012
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User avatar #1 - generaljosh (11/19/2012) [-]
There have already been six hobbit movies, just none by Peter Jackson
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