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#27 - stardustdragonlord
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(11/18/2012) [-]
now before the hate flows through you, im gonna tell a story about call of duty, modern warfare three.

Well it had been a while since i'd been over to my friend's house, he had showed me call of duty black ops, and I fairly enjoyed playing with him. and it was amazing having something to finally play. so i ask my mom for an xbox 360 for Christmas, with modern warfare. she gets it for me, and as me and my friend get really into it, i feel the same feeling i felt when i played my first pokemon game, but it was different too. in pokemon, you set out on a journey all your own for the most part. This time, I had my best friend with me as well. And when I finally got to prestige... well, it was the best time me and my friend ever had.