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#47 - profflippystix
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(11/18/2012) [-]
this happened to me and my dad when we took a break from work and went to QT, this snap back swaggot kid rode up on his bike and was like "hey could you do me a favor" we were like "uhhh" than with no reply hes just like "buy me cigs" then my dad replies with a simple "no" "hes just like "man you guys are **** faces" hfw "listen here you little faggot you may be under age but i will sill pick you up by your $40 shirt mommy and daddy bought you and slam your face to the ground and stick my boot up your ass, never talk to your elders that way. learn some god damn respect" than proceded to spit on his brand new nikes and (learning this from this website) throw his two middle fingers in the air while walking to the car. i love my dad.