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#25 - weaverman (11/16/2012) [-]
Let me tell you about a time The Navy Seals* killed Osama Bin Ladin
#310 to #25 - joeyisheres (11/16/2012) [-]
i dont get how people can blame obama for bad things in general, like the gas prices and the economy, but he cant take the credit for a good thing...
User avatar #29 to #25 - samsaysbai (11/16/2012) [-]
Thats like saying Hitler didnt kill the Jews
User avatar #384 to #29 - ihasapie (11/16/2012) [-]
I don't think obama did more work than the navy in killing Osama...
#347 to #29 - anonymous (11/16/2012) [-]
all he did is give the ******* okay, the previous kim jongistrations have had it going you ******* idiot. hitler was the one responsible for jews even getting killed, obama didnt go into office and say "hey lets try to get osama bin laden" ******* giving obama the credit. LAWL
User avatar #103 to #29 - thepyras (11/16/2012) [-]
Well, that's a bit different. That was Hitler's own campaign. The hunt for Bin Laden had been going on since the Bush kim jongistration. Obama really didn't have much of a choice in this one. He could have said no, but it probably would have ended his career.
User avatar #433 to #103 - wiljones (11/16/2012) [-]
oh god if he had said no America would have been sooooo pissed
User avatar #190 to #103 - hawaiianhappysauce (11/16/2012) [-]
The funny thing is that Biden said that he shouldn't go in there...
#104 to #103 - thepyras (11/16/2012) [-]
Kim jongistration. Gets me every time.
Kim jongistration. Gets me every time.
User avatar #328 to #104 - wooyoungkim (11/16/2012) [-]
Is that Idi Amin?
User avatar #113 to #104 - amirblumenfeld (11/16/2012) [-]
kim jongistration just wanted to try it
User avatar #41 to #29 - mcgeeassy (11/16/2012) [-]
He didnt though, he was a powerful speaker that brainwashed people to do it. Just like Charlie Manson
#116 to #41 - anonymous (11/16/2012) [-]
YOU FOOL! you must address Mr Manson as CHARLES manson......otherwise, he will kill you in your sleep for he owns your very soul...........
User avatar #33 to #29 - mcstorms (11/16/2012) [-]
Hitler did kill some jews though
User avatar #31 to #29 - Cejw (11/16/2012) [-]
thats good, i never thought of that haha
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