Hey, look Canada is at the door. . moose canada fuck shit up yolo
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User avatar #1 - TheFixer (11/15/2012) [+] (1 reply)
kill it... wait no **** that on second thought ride it and take over a country.
#19 - yourociroll (11/16/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Only Canadafags will get this, or people with knowledge on the great white north
User avatar #14 - Lambda (11/16/2012) [-]
**** , it's Moose.
Hide the weed.
User avatar #6 - reican (11/15/2012) [-]
you sure? could be Norway
User avatar #5 - Rezcall (11/15/2012) [-]
Moose story:
I don't hunt any moose or deer on my property. All my neighbors do - its N.B. I buy yummy moose roasts from them. The moose have learned my property is a "safe zone". In the fall it looks like my pastures are full of horses - but there are ton of moose mixed in.... they just stay and mingle till the end of the hunting season lol.

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