Graffiti Stairs Illusion. .. lol... I know a ton of people who would try to use those stairs and later claim they're broken XD I need smarter companions :P
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Graffiti Stairs Illusion

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Submitted: 08/28/2007
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#111 - anonymous (03/09/2009) [-]
lol... I know a ton of people who would try to use those stairs and later claim they're broken XD I need smarter companions :P
#110 - anonymous (02/13/2009) [-]
for those of u who cant see the stairs, start look at where the ground meets the wall, from there u can see the "stairs" making some sort of V shape
#108 - anonymous (03/02/2008) [-]
Haha dude thats so freakin cool!
#112 - anonymous (05/29/2009) [-]
Cleaver. Illegal, but cleaver.
#104 - anonymous (01/18/2008) [-]
ART IS NOT A CRIME! ******* graff it up fo' life. KERS--> 08'
#102 - anonymous (01/10/2008) [-]
I just adore this graffiti work!! It is stunning! My brain simply can't tell that it is an illusion. No matter how hard or long I look at it, it remains real "stairs". Thank you to the artist for such a visual treat! Congratulations!!
#106 - anonymous (03/02/2008) [-]
woahh, that is cooler than the pavement art thing.
#105 - anonymous (01/24/2008) [-]
check this out
#95 - anonymous (12/02/2007) [-]
Screw you people with the "u will lose ur love" chains or "copy this chain and u will get the kiss of ur life" chains. I'm pretty sure no "crush" will give a damn about a chain and kiss someone for putting some stupid chain on a site. Geez.
#76 - anonymous (10/04/2007) [-]
the guy below me: stop measuring ure balls bcuz ure teacher will blow sperm out their ear drums, or ure sister will die in 6 days. and your crushes name will appear on the screen!
#58 - anonymous (09/02/2007) [-]
Hey adam i think u forgot how 2 spell ure own name(what a retard) and thought of me while having another one of ure gay fantasies. Its true, pathetic wannabe fags like impersonating me....i just gota lern 2 live with homos like adam
#114 - anonymous (10/13/2009) [-]
ts not a chain letter! its kinda scary at first but it really works!! paste this message into 3 comments and
press ALT
#113 - anonymous (07/30/2009) [-]
heyhey, pretty neat! i love looking at it normally and seeing stairs and then looking at it to see how it really is and going back and forth...forces your brain to cross over from left to right, pretty cool -^^- incidentally, so does drawing a figure 8 over and over, so if you're having trouble concentrating before a test, do that! :D
#70 - anonymous (09/23/2007) [-]
Why don't people just put comments for the picture,and stop throwing sucky-assed crack dealer insults to each other you pompus sons of whores!...hey, whatdaya know, it is kinda fun!
#69 - anonymous (09/18/2007) [-]
#68 - anonymous (09/13/2007) [-]
holy **** thats cool
#29 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
need 2 see the time
#28 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
#26 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
thats friggin sweet
#3 - anonymous (08/27/2007) [-]
haha pretty cool......
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