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the original clones were made from the original DNA strain of Jango Fett.
they got real and proper training.

However, the Stormtroopers were clones of clones, and much of the training were skipped and had more flaws, which the imperial scientists yet had to discover how to remove during the cloning process.
The clones were massproduced in high speed unlike the original clonetroopers.

Making the empire go more on the " strength in numbers" while in the beginning it was quality of the clones that mattered.

the last remaining of the professional and the highly trained clones were after the clonewars stationed on the Deathstar for security or for training of many of the stormtroopers, trying to improve their performance. Or they got stationed across the galaxy as an imperial trooper officer. most of them died after the fall of the first Deathstar.

TL/DR, in the beginning the clones were of quality, but it was changed later into quantity that would be easier to control due to a weaker mind.
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this ****** going on my fb with the OC. Brave Words