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(11/13/2012) [-]
>one peaceful sunday morning with all these church fags flocking in.
>man comes through my line and asks to put $20 in his gift card for gas.
>about 25-30 minutes later he comes back in pissed off saying that the card had no money in it, he has the receipt and the "card."
>I check balance and history and the card comes back as a different account as the one he put money in.
>I ask him if he has more gift cards and he admits to having several of them in his vehicle that look just like the one he loaded.
>I call in manager to come and confirm that the card presented is different to the one he loaded.
>Man rages and manager has to go and check the records.
>Hour or two later I go to lunch and walk by the CSM podium (costumer service manager) and see the man pissed off raging at the managers whom tell him that this is not the card that he had used to put money in.

Dude just couldn't give it up really... and he yelled at me too lol.