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#44 - DrollHumor (11/11/2012) [-]
Now the question is whether or not red hair is the dominant gene.
It may be recessive, and their first child will have Hermione's light brown hair.
Then the joke will be on them.
#73 to #44 - falanvaul (11/11/2012) [-]
See, I always love your comments. You always are the witty one. My father had brown hair and my mother Red. Red seemed to be dominant but, my hair changes colors.

In the dark, a brownish red. Light? Auburn red. People say a lot of things on my change. Eye color, temperament. I'm a very strange person, but that's off topic.

I honestly think Red hair is dominant in its own ways.
User avatar #180 to #73 - torexofthenight (11/11/2012) [-]
My eyes change color as well, from silver, light blue, faded green, its very strange. They normally change with my mood
User avatar #75 to #73 - thenextman (11/11/2012) [-]
what was that guys name! i forgot it!
#76 to #75 - falanvaul (11/11/2012) [-]
Hm? In my picture?
User avatar #77 to #76 - thenextman (11/11/2012) [-]
User avatar #78 to #77 - falanvaul (11/11/2012) [-]
He is from Romantically Apocalyptic. His name is Sniper or "Snippy".
#118 to #78 - itsmewaffle (11/11/2012) [-]
Mister Snippy! Good, you're here. Let us spread the lulz around funnyjunk!
User avatar #56 to #44 - Hreidmar (11/11/2012) [-]
I believe the movie epilogue showed that their kids are indeed red-headed. Also, out of curiosity, do you ever use reaction pictures that AREN'T professor Stein?
#65 to #56 - DrollHumor (11/11/2012) [-]
I wouldn't know, I never really got into Harry Potter.

And yes, when I have something relevant in my reaction folder I will post that, otherwise... Stein is best.
#99 to #65 - profesoreoak (11/11/2012) [-]
stein ftw
stein ftw
User avatar #67 to #65 - Hreidmar (11/11/2012) [-]
Can't really argue with that. You have a rather classy name and use a rather fascinating man as reactions.

I'm not hugely fond of Harry Potter but the significance of the series in modern culture has forced me to read the novels, see most of the movies, and know some trivia which I really could do without.
User avatar #48 to #44 - PartyPanda (11/11/2012) [-]
It doesn't matter. If the firstborn is not a ginger, then once the dragon is through with it, it will become a ginger.
Hermoine's is fated to have a ginger child.
User avatar #46 to #44 - hellbentcrusade (11/11/2012) [-]
Red hair is always recessive. Both of the genes have to be recessive for the child to have red hair
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