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#56 - mikhailovych
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(11/09/2012) [-]
The Cyberdemon is about 25 feet tall and BUILT. In close combat he'd rip anyone to shreds. He SHRUGS off any attacks from a rocket launcher that are not DIRECT. This means if a ******* fired rocket isn't cockslapping him in the jaw, he wonders what that noise was.

He can fire THREE ROCKETS IN SEQUENCE. HIS ROCKET LAUNCHER HAS A ******* BURST FIRING MODE. AND HIS ARM CAN ******* TAKE IT. This means the arm carrying the rocket launcher can put out a force equal to the thrust of THREE ******* ROCKETS.

If he could grab you with that arm, he could squeeze you like toothpaste. The only difference is that you'd be LIQUEFIED by the sheer pressure behind this, so instead of tooth paste, it's tooth ******* USELESS NOTHING.

Lets not forget that HE CAN ******* TAKE TWENTY FIVE knights of hell. These are the guys that are like important. The people that satan sends when he doesn't want a job ****** up. AND THE CYBERDEMON KILLS TWENTY FIVE OF THEM. HE'S LIKE A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION OF **** YOU AND DIE.

Guess what? Doomguy can take this guy out.
User avatar #213 to #56 - DoomGuy
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(11/10/2012) [-]
You're damn right I can!
#115 to #56 - thebaker
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(11/09/2012) [-]
>nuclear explosion of **** you and die
>nuclear explosion of **** you and die