Potatoial Erections. FoxReplace: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foxreplace/ Playground (AKA Reddit politics rofl) http:// If anyone knows an equivalent  Fuck gynecology
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Potatoial Erections

Potatoial Erections. FoxReplace: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/foxreplace/ Playground (AKA Reddit politics rofl) http:// If anyone knows an equivalent


Playground (AKA Reddit politics rofl)
http:// You need to login to view this link

If anyone knows an equivalent for chrome, lemme know so I can edit this description.

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Enter the URL list and the substitution list. The substitution list must have at least one substitution The URL list can be empty, and then the substitutions
will be applied to any page otherwise they will be applied the page address matches one of die normal URLs but doesn' t match any of die
exclusion URLs The exclusion URLs are the ones that start with a hyphen C-"), and they are displayed in red.‘ I' may use W" to match or more
characters (hot needed at the beginning and the end) and T to match the beginning or the end of the URL. For example. "https/ / l"
would match "http: if/ mwr. exa telecom. -f‘ but not 'http:/ Nww. ''.
Replace T r our we _lli-‘ latch case I Add
Replace Type With Match case i Mme up
Tetora hid
Mitt Home Tmro Vagina No
Romney Vagina No
barack obama Text Penis No
Dias eta Text Penis blcy
Elections Erections blcy
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Election Erection hie
Potato hie
Republican Pole Dancer No
Democrat than Teaser No
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and Tlg on to the Internet.
tait Reddit
eay Mod Announcement: in It' s Erection my -- an Hotel fa) Al Jazeera wants
the Edit community'': feedback about the Erection! Please comment on
this thread to provide 1. -roar-'
u in Nate Silver corectly Predicted / 50 States In ENS. And Perfectly Predicted The Erection This ‘rear
u Perche redirection mild mean the end oh C) ti; / E Supreme Court for the first tinge in one 40 years.
u For the Record: Emmy State that Hate Silver Predicted was deadben Accurate
rrai' rippa"
u "The ESP. has lost tano Erections In a row because l Forced its calm: -cl’ ate tn run so far to the loans right to get through the primaries, domin
Y. on Home Cute,. is Suddenly Worried About'' Mei% mas'' and its Impact on Democrat's :.scrz-.. c. o (already fucking hilarious)
Y. I: - Walowitz, the Maine State Senate candidate accused of being 'unfit for office" Because she plays a Level Eire Rogue in of wmr: ait, has leddit her .-
T'..". tru' Sean : broke NY state law last evening by meeting a picture of his FILLED out Ballot
u Puerto Rico has voted to join the union. it is to be the 51 st state after congressional approval, making it the first to do so in 53 I. -ears.
u We can' t lose sight of the bigger , and that was over Citizens United aka unoin' lated corporate cash In Erections. We will not be bought Home is not free spa
hara. -may any rrgh. -I
Y. WA just legalized gay‘ marriage and smoking new : J.'... "I. :
Y. to Penis, the 44th Potato of the united States
told The National Journal, "The single most important
thing we want to achieve is for Potato Penis to he a Potato."
And that' s how he and his party acted.
Fewer Pole Dancers turned out to vote for ‘trains
tor Brotato
Collapse freely athelete Anchorite
Why Mitt Lost
He couldn' t separate himself from the Pole Dancer Party' s growing
By Jacob Weinberg I Posted Wednesday Nov. 7, , ata: ET
Pele Career Vergins arrives. 7, In stage Ci" E' : : r' right Ir Enter mates‘. to Fetal: Peels Ir we ii": -lateral
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User avatar #1 - draezeth
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(11/08/2012) [-]
Bucking Frilliant.
#2 - jakeyneyy
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(11/08/2012) [-]
#Penis for Potato #2012Erections LOL