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#19 - samoaspider ONLINE (11/07/2012) [-]
Guy has a sixpack?
Must be on steroids.

Bitch is fat?
Omg, i'm like Marylin Monroe with "curves". (yeah, a sphere is a one big curve alright)
#34 - ohbamse (11/07/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Well most fat people i've met in my life were nice as hell. While most trained people i've met, were douchebags...
#21 - Tommovdv (11/07/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Why do people keep lying to themselves? Does it make us comfortable? Do we need to lie to other to make ourselves feel better? To the trained guy and girl, all I see is envy. All the guys that are either too fat or too lazy to have a sixpack like that, instantly say he's on roids. And all the woman who are either too fat or too lazy to look like the chick just say she's ugly.

Its ok to be envious of something. That means that you want to achieve something. But then express it as such. Instead of lying to yourself and spread hate on the other. You know you want to look like that. I know I do. I also work my ass of to get in shape (though I'm on the other side of the scale, horribly underweight). Envy is motivation. It makes you want something, and work for it.

On the other hand, there is the "curvy" woman below. Most comments there are also lies. You're beautiful, not fat, just perfect, everyone should look like this! Which is ******** . Most of the people who say that have a better body. So they don't get confronted. Seeing someone who is fatter makes them more secure. "Hey, there is someone who's even fatter than I am. Phew, well gurl! you bueatiful!"

The most stupid thing is, if it would have been a guy. Everyone would tell him to lose weight. Start working out and get a sixpack. And when he eventually does, they say he's on roids. You cant ******* win.
#8 - titletaker (11/07/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Comment Picture
#9 to #8 - titletaker (11/07/2012) [-]
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#6 - finnini (11/06/2012) [-]
Only the dead can know peace from this rustling.
Only the dead can know peace from this rustling.
#1 - galifianakis **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #3 to #1 - sauercrowd (11/06/2012) [-]
do I really need to explain myself there?
Do you have some nude pics of her?
#50 - tvfreakuk (11/07/2012) [-]
Seriously? Someone called it anorexia...   
People don't 			*******		 understand what the 			****		 that means apparently.
Seriously? Someone called it anorexia...
People don't ******* understand what the **** that means apparently.
#51 - icewraith has deleted their comment [-]
#13 - gangsterish (11/07/2012) [+] (1 reply)
what the 			****		 is wrong with these people
what the **** is wrong with these people
#35 - wackywelder (11/07/2012) [-]
#28 - doriphor (11/07/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I'd rather be fat and spend more time with my friends and family and ... you know ... books.
User avatar #38 to #28 - Monoge (11/07/2012) [-]
Get your friends and family to exercise with you. It's fun that way. Also, prop a book up on the stand of the treadmill so you can read while you walk. I'm not saying you should work yourself to that insane muscly level, but exercise is good for you :)
User avatar #45 - kuraithevision (11/07/2012) [-]
I once looked up how porn stars maintain their bodies, but then I remembered their fitness and diet are in their job requirement.
#33 - switchers (11/07/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Is it worth the read?
User avatar #43 to #33 - wutrudoin (11/07/2012) [-]
Hard work/Dedication has comments talking about how unhealthy they are and how gross it is to look like that. Or that they're on steroids.. and the Lazy/Gluttony one is telling the woman how beautiful she is and how brave she is for taking a picture like that and posting it on the internet for all to see..
User avatar #25 - Saundazzz (11/07/2012) [-]
I love how fat, lazy people try to justify being fat and lazy by calling people who excersize "obsessed", or saying that every muscular person they see is on steroids. It's pretty transparent.
I go to the gym 4/5 nights a week for about an hour, and because I excersize regularly I am able to eat all the junk food I want and stay in shape. It's not rocket science people. Making the effort to take care of yourself should not be something that is looked down on. Especially by people who just can't be bothered.
That being said, the girl with the abs looks gross.
User avatar #18 - tokitheviking (11/07/2012) [-]
While the fat girl does need to lose weight due to health issues that's going to cause, people who obsessively work out and pour all their time into getting fit don't really need to be revered either. They're typically extremely vain and already get enough attention from people checking them out without people having to remind them how "hard working and motivated" they are because they spent every waking moment working towards getting a six pack.
Also, you CAN be fat and hard working and motivated at the same time. It's not like the only area anyone can possibly excel in is physical health. For example, I'm very close with a very flabby, out of shape guy who is extremely motivated as far as his education and job goes. He works harder than just about anyone I know despite being out of shape. I also know some people at my college who are complete gym rats and are in amazing shape but are lazy and completely unmotivated as far as just about everything else goes.

Also, you shouldn't ******* harass someone just because they're fat. Yes, they are unhealthy and probably eat a lot, but that doesn't mean you should insult them. Keep that **** to yourself.
#7 - robertelee (11/06/2012) [-]
**robertelee rolled a random image posted in comment #1381699 at MLP Friendly Board **

major photoshop on the top picture
User avatar #32 - muzzology (11/07/2012) [-]
I ******* hate society.
#15 - thedragonfail (11/07/2012) [-]
"She's still fat :("

#12 - wickkles (11/07/2012) [-]
I'd rather have a big girl over a lady with a six pack. That 			****		 grosses me out. But this does tell the truth, fagbookers are the best kind of idiots. Reason I don't have it.
I'd rather have a big girl over a lady with a six pack. That **** grosses me out. But this does tell the truth, fagbookers are the best kind of idiots. Reason I don't have it.
#11 - jayberayme **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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