Parental Meeting. how was your day?. instead of saving thats what she said start saving "is that MIN your mom met dad" becareful inst blow on it lumen's: is tha hello
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#1 - mranthonyfaulkner
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**mranthonyfaulkner rolled a random image posted in comment #1468666 at MLP Friendly Board ** OC? On funnyjunk?
#2 to #1 - drjoker [OP]
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i try-----pic unrelated
User avatar #3 - josieabby
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Example: In a classroom, talking about a test.
Student A: Wow, that's really hard.
Student B: Is that how your mom met your dad?

Example: At a hotel, talking about the room key.
Person A: Put it in, then take it out fast.
Person B: Is that how your mom met your dad?