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#3 - anonymous (11/04/2012) [-]
Disney doesn't own Spiderman... Sony does.
User avatar #6 to #3 - Jackimole (11/04/2012) [-]
Disney owns Marvel. Disney does not own the movie rights to Spiderman however, so you're right in that sense.
#144 to #6 - anonymous (11/05/2012) [-]
i love you for this
User avatar #142 to #6 - Jackimole (11/05/2012) [-]
Why in Gods name does this have 93 thumbs and a favorite?
User avatar #12 to #6 - jedimindtrick (11/04/2012) [-]
Don't fox own the movie rights to Spiderman and X-Men?
User avatar #13 to #12 - Avanyx (11/04/2012) [-]
20th Century fox owns X-men and Deadpool. Sony owns Spiderman.
User avatar #5 to #3 - keeganmasters (11/04/2012) [-]
disney owns sony
#9 to #5 - anonymous (11/04/2012) [-]
The world is not ready for that information.
User avatar #38 to #9 - keeganmasters (11/04/2012) [-]
then soon everyone will find out they also own microsoft and apple lol
#75 to #38 - thessalonaki (11/05/2012) [-]
Disney owns sony so that the marvel can sony the own the disney on around further the Avengers in more around often which Spiderman Microsoft tree which Apple go own to legal the rights in around more the new more now Spiderman so that the own they now new in the legal with rights and how do i shot web
User avatar #154 to #75 - keeganmasters (11/05/2012) [-]
please speak english
#159 to #154 - thessalonaki (11/05/2012) [-]
I am speak english should you I too so now speak language of this now england please retard lololololololololol anglo saxon so english the is around Kawaii desu desu get now speakalaenglishia please the Disney spiderman go is now again some more on the floor get everybody dinosaur the walk straight into the ******* ground *****
#45 to #38 - anonymous (11/04/2012) [-]
Wait.... What?
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