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#551 - snowshark
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(11/04/2012) [-]
One thing that I find interesting is that every person outside of America that I have met would rather Obama be in office than Romney. One guy even called Romney:

"A huge tub of **** that Americans are gonna dump on themselves. They'll be worse for ware but the whole world's gonna ******* stink after they do it."

It seems that people outside of America prefer Obama because he's not a bass-akwards thinking dumbass who will make the world a worse place to live if he comes into power. Plus, England has had free healthcare for decades now, yet Romney would repeal Obamacare the 1st day he is in office, even before it has come into effect.

Personally, I believe that no man deserves to be president if he would let so many citizens go without free healthcare if he had the choice and I think that's just reflective of his morals as a total. He doesn't care about the beaten working classes.

At least Obama has moral standards.
User avatar #556 to #551 - noblexfenrir
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(11/04/2012) [-]
It's really hard to take you serious when it seems you are equivocating obamacare to free healthcare.

Also, healthcare isn't a right, it's a service.

He doesn't have to care about the beaten down working classes, it's an evident fact that they are the foundation for any successful business/country. He has a plan to help them but it doesn't directly involve helping them. Helping out business owners will help the lower classes in the long run immensely, but people don't see it that way because they would rather have the government just send them 400 dollar checks a week without having to do anything.