Interesting or Useless Facts Part Dos. Here it is! Sorry it took forever...<br /> /funny_pictures/522317/Useless+Facts+Part+Four/. Useless) I nteresting F interesting Useless facts
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Interesting or Useless Facts Part Dos

Useless) I nteresting
Facts: Part Dos!
First off, I want " thank you all m
getting me to the front page'. And
for that, you get your bacon
Djay... onto the facts!
So, according to the FCC, the most
offensive clip ever aired on TV was
from Family Guy. (The episode where
Howie is possibly eating Peter' s
retarded horses semen.) I thought it
would have been the dumpster baby
Dolphins are the only
creatures, besides
humans, who have sex for
pleasure, mat Just
Yawning is contagious " even
thinking about yawning is
enough. After reading this fact,
there is a 50% chance you will
yawn. Also, we yawn to get more
oxygen to our brains. And, if you
did happen to yawn, touching
your tongue can sto
Lactose tolerance is a mutation.
Lactose intolerance is the
original form of the gene. Similar
to this, blue eyes is a mutation,
everyone used to have brown
only 55% of all Americans know
that the sun is a star. As an
educated American t facepalm
to this.
A punishment in Ancient Greece
for adulterous men was the
insertion of a large radish into
his rectum. I can only imagine
that would hurt as worse has
having sex with a guy whose
dick is 13. 5 inches!
I hope this one is as good
as my last!
Inca again, thanks for
getting me to the front
page'. And if you want
another one, remember to
thumb! mo
Tell me if you want them
longer than this, i keep
them short so no one
looses interest! "
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