Mario on facebook. A look at mario's facebook profile, enjoy ^^ thumbs if you like. View Photos of Mario (114) Buy a Mushroom Send Mario a Message Poke Him! Mus
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Mario on facebook

A look at mario's facebook profile, enjoy ^^ thumbs if you like

View Photos of Mario (114)
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Mushroom Kingdom Friends
161 friends at Mushroom kingdom.
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Cl Rehab is for pussies
5: Sep 2 I 5 comments
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It' s 4: ED. . .you grab the munchies .
Sewer Wanderers . Nintendo Wii is
the greatest thing since the
Gamecube . I' seen into another
is tripping out mannen
Updated 43 minutes ago
Networks: Mushroom kingdom
Nintendo '81
Sex: Male
Interested In: Princesses
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Political views: Green. . .heheh. . .green
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I Mario is tripping out mannen. : Edam
September I I
lily Mario recruited Luigi to a cause, 11: 39; -m
H. "ms NORML
t Mario is recovering from a wicked hangover. nothing a little magic ganja
September E
W Mario commented on Bowser' s photo, ) ppm
have you ever played tennis on acid dude? yoshi
and i did it and we totally thought we were gonna
die, lol tru story,
Contact Info
Email: @ gmail. com
Personal Info
Interests: cultivation, italian accents, hot Pixelated dames
trapped in castles, reefer
bob marley, pink Floyd, bob dylan, and led zeppelin
haf baked, jay and silent bob, harold and kumar go to
white castle, and of course super mario bros i was
awesome in that
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Quotes:
god maann wario was totally right, that does get
annoying after you say it 10 times in a row
Education and Work
Work Info
Employer: Nintendo
Position: Plumber
Description: sometimes i get to kill goombas but mostly i just unclog
toilets at the nintendo HQ
The Wall
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Princess Peach (Mushroom Kingdom) wrote
at S: Kpm on September 11th, EDD?
Last night was great D I knew Italians had a lot of hair, but
wowie, it was quite the .
Toad (Mushroom Kingdom) wrote
at S: on September Nth, EDD?
dude yesterday you got so blazed you tried to eat my head. not
cool man, not cool,
Donkey Kong ( Isles) wrote
at 11: on September lath, EDD?
Throws barrel*
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Submitted: 05/12/2010
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User avatar #1 - PedoSaur (05/12/2010) [-]
I roflmao'd at *throws barrel*
User avatar #2 - Filthy (05/12/2010) [-]
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