School Assemblies. . Is it just me, or does it seem like school pep assemblies turn into recruitment lesions for a cult whenever you can' t hear what they' re s
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#4 - shamadruu (10/30/2012) [-]
At my school, freshman sit at a bleacher on the second floor, with no clear view of the ground... And it echoes a lot. It sounded like they were chanting. Then, to top it all, people stood up and for some reason got surrounded by a crowd and disappeared. My friend and I hypothesized that they were sacrifices.
#3 - thecrazyonedf (10/30/2012) [-]
this sound familiar?

speaker* fmmhmshmmhmphmhmhmhm?

crowd* YEAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!111

speaker* jhfjsudicnsihdehufuidsf!

#2 - mrknownothing (10/30/2012) [-]
No, just you.
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