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#53 - scotfighterz
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(10/28/2012) [-]
one of the best moments in GoW3
Carmine forever
User avatar #100 to #53 - cubanwhiteman
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(10/28/2012) [-]
Clayton is the baddest mother ****** of all time!
User avatar #78 to #53 - IamSofaKingdom
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(10/28/2012) [-]
I like that Carmine lived (bought the avatar shirt to vote that he did) but I hated the cheap way they did it. They kept making it look like he might die( I am ok with that) but they barely put him in the game at all and they made that cinematic of him getting shot out of the sky so they could make a second half of it with him either dead or alive based on what fans wanted. It was a cop-out survival. They left it ambiguous all game so they could insert a 20 second clip of him actually being alive (or dead if the vote went that way). They basically removed my favorite character(s) from the game.