Breaking News. Seriously... Wat. mg Woman Orders Husband To Perform Cunnilingus Melissa Lee Williams of West Virginia is facing assault and weapons charges afte

Breaking News

Seriously... Wat

mg Woman
Orders Husband To Perform
Melissa Lee Williams of West Virginia is facing
assault and weapons charges after she showed
up at her estranged husband' s door with a knife
and demanded of him and another man: "Eat my
Melissa Lee "commenced to undress herself,"
according to the police report, obtained by The
Smoking Gun. Danny Williams "declined said
invitation," but the other man, Adam Watson,
told cops that he "agreed to perform at her
request." Um. Here' s what happened next:
However, as Watson approached Share R I Like 'Mk A 298
Williams, "he became overwhelmed by
horrible vaginal odor emitting from
Melissa Williams." Watson, understandably, "declined to proceed any further."
This is when Melissa Williams allegedly "produced a nickeback folding knife," opened it,
and pointed the weapon at her estranged husband. She then reportedly uttered a line
never before memorialized in a police report: "Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I' m
going to cut your ******* throat."
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#4 - biaeen (10/27/2012) [-]
#31 - dikslapping (10/28/2012) [+] (3 replies)
This reminded me of a dream I once had.

I was in a RV with a chick that I had a crush on. She said that she want to have glorious sex with me, but only if I ate her fat ugly friends pussy. I accepted until I seen the horrible cunt hole. It was a hole that a soft ball could go into with no problems. It had this nasty brown juice leaking out of it with chunks of what I assumed was pussy diarrhea. I looked at my crush and said told her that I would rather go through life with paper cuts on my dick than put my mouth anywhere near that horrendous vagina. Then I woke up and proceeded to the bathroom to throw up. That was the worst sex related dream I ever had.
#18 - darklit (10/28/2012) [-]
Adam's face when
Adam's face when
#36 - irokk (10/28/2012) [-]
#94 - snaresinger (10/28/2012) [-]
"overwhelmed by horrible vaginal odor"
"overwhelmed by horrible vaginal odor"
#6 - curtisbentley (10/27/2012) [-]
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#2 - skrewbacca (10/27/2012) [-]
#25 - senordick (10/28/2012) [-]
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#67 - ninaf (10/28/2012) [-]
I'm going to throw up now.
#42 - maijuriina (10/28/2012) [-]
Those poor guys.
Those poor guys.
#29 - IceBearJudgesYou (10/28/2012) [-]
Well. I was eating.
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