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funny fail book compilation

I 'w.. Just gut Diagnosed with - Hospital !1: tn chad;
tier swims flu A
yesterday at ' liken ' Merriment ' the
ah .. text are if we new anything"
r at iti? May 21
he, Genie the fetching ', ' '' i new use er
the ether i went find mt ti WWW
thaw whet e the in an net an diet. arreter heard of influenza
Waite a ,
Hing: em
ili% LT Jade 13551 F. EH use you Andrew me much men an
fl 3. t minutes age . Comment ' Like
titty the Rs? '.
language letter theta = e.
Jade If Eh - dame
es age
23 nurgles age , Delete
it minutes age
27 minutes age I Delete
Jadera" -
25 minutes age , Delete
lit -.. r Dent We Mean " Yeah
Eller... . gamer, then
aboutit interred: use letters, its mew near:
24 minutes age
chicki' .; tnmt ‘fees Mean = Capital?
24 WWW: age ' Delete
23 reunites age
I .)) lilli. churn
aggie - " my mouth still hurts n I' m slum here in hed... need
J,' m get my ass up rt get ready for wellt. -.ugh! ll but it hurts so
7 he rs we we Waly :1. -mment Like
7 We rs we
tlt Maggie "'Nll Yes maam... irn still at ht' In
Tamika - -we as u were late work
z lated
T hours age
Tamika .” - damn shame! new Just
I playen... just take the my eff.. sheets! understand
E heme we
Maggie -em,‘ I we but I teal: men elf already It I' m
5 tryn to an my tiene... I' ll be there Ill later?
6 lasers Mo
boss - Chris "'1' sorry went last night, melee‘!
the we
2 secconds acre . Delete
f, here' s the amazing lining - light trumps merge, may time. We stick a
l candle We the can' t stick the dark we the light
9 minutes age . Commnent . the
a Few seconds ago
dots, also my balls are mange. Do you think its Super AIDS?
Yesterday at 11: -Cemment wiles
Sheri That or Herpes Simplex Type 962, . . either
way it sounds really grass,
11 hours age
Den - apparently created a type iizpurple dots
tailed plate dots,
11 hours ago
Rachael " Maybe ofthe. Super AIDS.,,,,,
11 hours age
Eat:: lry_ -Derk, we are a dog, were we kiss yew
girlfriend mouth,
about an hour ago
t write it Gram, wmm and Ihaven war going
en. Neither of us. sighns. riff of user Faceted: profiles, as when
we see thez. eiher pawn legged in, we change their' slams tn
be about their penis.
so minutes age
AIDS; priceless.
443 minutes age
5 Write a comment, ..
Jason ‘is in a relationship,
l Hall: l' ta_ Congratu! Wm’: the lucky lady?
11 hours and
IO hours ago
9 heels age
Hath aall- When did this happen?
iii hours age
tit Jansen‘ Last night!
Amy we because I gave we a sympathy
does net mean that we are "IN A "
9 hours age
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20 thumbs and
ill make another
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Submitted: 05/12/2010
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#6 - ThatCollinKid **User deleted account** (05/12/2010) [+] (2 replies)
so i gues a simpathy blow job isnt the same as a regular one
User avatar #1 - kevyy (05/12/2010) [-]
like the one about light
#5 - GuyOTN (05/12/2010) [-]
Super Aids - priceless.
User avatar #17 - JunkyFun (05/12/2010) [+] (2 replies)
"blowjay" *checks to see if y is near b*

User avatar #19 to #17 - deekman (05/12/2010) [-]
blowjab? your logic confuses me...
User avatar #49 - cystemic (05/13/2010) [+] (1 reply)
if you're lookin for sympathy its in the dictionary between **** and syphillis :P
god love danny bhoy
User avatar #10 - sgtpaint (05/12/2010) [-]
im sad, how can i contact amy?
User avatar #4 - alexosaur (05/12/2010) [-]
First one dont should be don't
#48 - Voivode **User deleted account** (05/13/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Make more, but posted ONE AT A TIME please.
User avatar #39 - September (05/13/2010) [+] (7 replies)
hahahhaha! the candle one was the best! poor guy really should've put it out first :P
#36 - CryptTheReaper **User deleted account** (05/12/2010) [-]
I can't put darkin the light, but I can still blow your damn candle out.
User avatar #30 - Godz (05/12/2010) [-]
sympathy blow jobs: hey I've been diagnosed with cancer, now will you suck my dick?
#21 - fefe (05/12/2010) [+] (8 replies)
First number to end in 8 will choose what i name my kid
User avatar #33 to #21 - Cartouk (05/12/2010) [-]
**Cartouk rolls 683,175,698** Miturben isdrty (your last name)
User avatar #11 - Filthy (05/12/2010) [+] (1 reply)
lol @ Super Aids.
Gonaherpashiphilaids ftw though
User avatar #9 - SuperLesbian (05/12/2010) [-]
#3 - crosslizard (05/12/2010) [-]
capital. that was great. :D
#47 - fatguysusemoresoap (05/13/2010) [-]
sympathy blowjays, always good for something!
#31 - theemorock (05/12/2010) [-]
hay everyone. u should check out my other failbook compilations. there just as funny
#22 - fefe (05/12/2010) [+] (4 replies)
please give me hardcore porn. no gay stuff please. ahmadman@gmail
thank you and may the Lord bless you
#18 - fefe (05/12/2010) [-]
how come people can just take **** from other obvious sites, post it on here and get lots of thumbs up....i think thats really cheap.
#16 - mrlemonz **User deleted account** (05/12/2010) [-]
Owww, Jamaican Jackhammer, musta' stung like hell.
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