wut.jpg. Don't you hate it when. Hobo Gem Elizabeth Afton Resolved Question Show me another 3 I hate it when Adolf Hitler steals my nutella? He wont stop steali
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Don't you hate it when

Hobo Gem
Resolved Question Show me another 3
I hate it when Adolf Hitler steals my nutella?
He wont stop stealing my nutella is there anything I can do to stop him?
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Yes, but it won' t be easy. First, you must build ytrap. It should be made of partially
melted plastic forks, as that is his only weakness. But you need to disguise the forks
as his favorite treat, which obviously is Nutella- So slathering trap in Nutella, and as
he licks through it, his tongue will freeze. This will deprive him ofthe wonderful taste of
Nutella- Hit him on the head with the letter X from a Scrabble set, as this will confuse
him. Then, you must place him in a wooden raft and send him down the Mississippi
River. This will lead histo the prison made specially for Nutella thieves. Adolf Hitler is
clever, though. He will soon escape. and come back for revenge- At this point, you
must sacrifice an unripened strawberry as a sign of surrender. When his back is
turned. clap your hands 14 times. This will summon the Lobster Warriors. They will
snip the tip of his left earlobe off, and carry it away. They will proceed to make a clone
of Hitler. and train histo fight. 3 weeks afterthe Lobster Warriors leave, Snap your
fingers 12 times to bring them back with their clone. Hitler and his clone will battle to
the death, and the clone will win (clones "always" win). Bury them both in a mound of
wet cement, preventing their escape.
Your Nutella will then, and only then. be safe.
Good luck, brave soul. Good luck.
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Thanks you so much, I sent him down the Mississippi river and new I am waiting him
to return for his revenge. I trust you because it has all worked so perfectly so far.
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Submitted: 10/21/2012
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User avatar #1 - fudgepotato (10/22/2012) [+] (1 reply)
So that's how the Allies won WWII.
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