Creationism. OC. tii ----.' Resolved Question Show me another a ileia. Mathematical proof that Darwin didn' t exist'? Jim the Alright, so lfie apply the propert
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tii ----.' Resolved Question Show me another a
Mathematical proof that Darwin didn' t exist'?
Jim the
Alright, so lfie apply the properties of Evolution vs. No Evolution there is a 1: 1 :
mexican ls chance that they are actually correct.
muy hieno
So, ofthe theory of evolution is correct we should expect that 1 out of every 2 monkeys
should give birth to a human.
Now ifhe assume that we have 12000 Monkeys in captivity, and half inwhich are
female, you have 6000 pairs of monkeys that can produce offspring. If each female
gives birth 3 times, you new have 18000 Monkeys overhue span of roughly 10 years.
However, none ofthe offspring are human. They are all monkeys.
So what we expected to be about 9000 human births from zoo monkeys, according to
evolution, ended unjust being 18000 more monkeys, predicted from common sense.
I new challenge anyone here to show me a legitimate, scientific article ofa
zoo monkey giving birth to *one* single human being, let alone the 9000 that we
Therefore, we have solid, mathematical proofread Darwin did not exist.
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You 113
a wan iil, l, lall amen,
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Submitted: 10/20/2012
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#6 - ganjalf (10/20/2012) [-]
>People who think the guy was actually serious
#16 - mahjimmiesarusslin (10/20/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Wow, anyone who thinks this ***** be serious, is crazy

Stupid people, i swear
#36 - Womens Study Major (10/21/2012) [+] (1 reply)
I believe in god, but this guy really grinds my gears.
#5 - clanmode (10/20/2012) [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #3 - atrocitustheking (10/20/2012) [+] (11 replies)
You don't have to teach both sides if one side is full of **** . It says "love thy neighbor" not "dumb down education because you don't understand science".
#23 to #14 - quentai (10/20/2012) [-]
I'm not accusing you of lying, I'm accusing you of ignorance.
#1 - endowedwhitegyuy (10/20/2012) [-]
dear jim the mexican is muy bueno:
#39 - Womens Study Major (10/21/2012) [-]
obvious troll is obvious, and funnyjunk ***** their pants.
#38 - Maroon (10/21/2012) [-]

Wow, what a logical and well thought out argument. It totally doesn't make me think whoever posted this is a *************** waste of oxygen or anything.
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