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User avatar #52 - xxxmrawsomexxx (10/20/2012) [-]
Can anyone recommend a good laptop for me, mine is old, runs slow and only has 60 gb
User avatar #66 to #52 - Sockopolis (10/21/2012) [-]
Build your own. Much cheaper, feels better when you play games to know you built it. Its a bit of a learning curve, but it's not terribly complicated.
User avatar #77 to #66 - themaaster (10/21/2012) [-]
He said laptop, not desktop. (correct me if people build their own laptops)
User avatar #86 to #77 - billybong (10/21/2012) [-]
You can build your own, some Clevo laptops need to be assembled. Also, that brand will be my next laptop choice....


Mind you, I'm not recommending anyone else get one, unless you are sure you can assemble a laptop... It's no more difficult than a desktop.... just smaller and tighter
User avatar #98 to #86 - themaaster (10/21/2012) [-]
Well desktops are pretty easy, but I'd imagine the smaller and tighter parts posing a much bigger challenge.
User avatar #101 to #98 - billybong (10/21/2012) [-]
It's a fun challenge though? Fortunately those Clevo's come with assembly instructions, but for some people they might be as useless as Ikea manuals
User avatar #58 to #52 - zoidz (10/20/2012) [-]
ASUS G75 or MSI GT70 you decide, they are both around the $1.5k (best gaming laptop so far from what I've searched)
User avatar #79 to #58 - themaaster (10/21/2012) [-]
Go Falcon Northwest, they "invented" the gaming laptop.
#61 to #58 - nazidinosaur (10/20/2012) [-]
Yeah, I agree with this guy. I have an ASUS G75-DS73 and it is ******* amazing. Relatively good for 3D rendering too.
#56 to #52 - anonymous (10/20/2012) [-]
That depends sir, what do you plan on doing with said computer?
User avatar #57 to #56 - xxxmrawsomexxx (10/20/2012) [-]
Games, Internet, and some programing like flash and c++
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