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Mind blowing and others

Hope you liked it

MIND .. lfl) lall
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Chm: norris dasd amung tuna h grim radar was just afraid tell him.
Chm Norris sassed DIM h terorists afraid snitch him.
Mishear dasd said h round huess kick isnt that . this was
stunted as h highest mistake mar reads in history,
Chm: Norris Masha with a night light, nut hes afraid h hut bananas h dark is afraid .
hits rides gun wsad smokes sun
Jump slams gnu Justin Dish's is straight
white guys steal Mass
thate Mauls lile Mad Chicken is [lilly
Car, FINES Mi” Kids raps Misha's
fat mists ars hut [hthis pd: cm In”
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User avatar #1 - vivalemort (05/11/2010) [+] (1 reply)
not even in Russia is Justin Bieber straight
#17 - Jellie (05/13/2010) [+] (1 reply)
you're doing it wrong.
in Soviet Russia, Justin Bieber is a dude.
User avatar #20 - Jakesonpoint (05/14/2010) [-]
pretty good
#7 - bulbasuar **User deleted account** (05/11/2010) [-]
pic is not repost, but information is very recent repost...thumb up anyways =]
#4 - EzbakeSushi (05/11/2010) [+] (5 replies)
Repost, grammar nazi feast, offensive.
#6 to #5 - EzbakeSushi (05/11/2010) [-]
uno dos tres is a repost. theyre circled the exact same way they were in the other. ekans and arbok are reposts. muk made me giggle a little. soviet russia is not opposite land, its just "noun , verb, YOU!" every single chuck norris joke ever is a repost.
#25 - Starface Comment deleted by romdude [-]
User avatar #24 - romdude (05/17/2010) [-]
i lold
#21 - anonymous Comment deleted by romdude [-]
#15 - theravenations (05/13/2010) [-]
funny infomercial

User avatar #2 - swimmingprodigy ONLINE (05/11/2010) [+] (3 replies)
how is justin beiber straight but twilight is "not gay."
Whats the difference?
User avatar #13 to #2 - KSMO (05/12/2010) [-]
but in soviet russia not means it really is
#23 - EpikWinGuy **User deleted account** (05/14/2010) [-]
**** your **** .

Seriously **** it.

This is **** .

I've saw all these 7676,77677678,776767,6767,676,6776,777,666,666 Times....
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