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There was once, long, long ago, a giant cloud, mostly made out of Hydrogen and Helium. Some say it came out of another star's Supernova, others say it was aliens.
But whatever the reason was, with courage and determination, the cloud said: "They told me I could be anything, so I became a star."
The cloud got got affected by gravity, a powerful, magic force, and in just some thousands of millions of years, the Sun was born.
But there was still dust around, and our lonely Sun didn't have any friends. So, out of nowhere, gravity got into action, and where once there was dust, now it was full of planets. Then, the planets where too much, like a hundred of them! They started to collide, all of them wanting to be friends with the Sun.
Massive collisions, planet against planet, until just a dozen of them was left.
Joo Peter and Sat Urn (the chubbies of the group), Meg Curie (the hot female), Venus (the romantic), Earth (The smarty pants), Lars (The fighter), Uralius (the immature), Nep Tune (the musical) and Pluto (the dog).
And until this very day, the Sun keeps them warm (some of them) and they keep him from being lonely.