learn from my fail. a collection of LFMF's. if you heard that it might rain it' s probably a geed idea to close the sunroof in you car while yeu’ re at werk. 8
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learn from my fail

a collection of LFMF's

if you heard that it might
rain it' s probably a geed
idea to close the sunroof in
you car while yeu’ re at
werk. 8 hours of rain is
tough to get out.
after a huge ice storm do not
dive face first into what you
think is snew to make a snow
angel... alse ice is very
When dialing a number on a fax
machine, listen to make sure it
connects rather than have a co-
weaker tell you that you
accidentally dialed a phone sex
Don' t assume that it' s cute that
your brand new puppy ate a whole
bawl of cat food. However, you
SHOULD assume that she will have
explosive diarrhea all over your
sheets and floor in the middle of the
When at an amusement park with
really long ride lines and short food
lines... it' s NOT a good idea to
grab a ton of food to keep you busy
while inline, you may find yourself
scarfing down the rest of your food
because w next in line, and then..
you may also find yourself
throwing up on EVERYONE
behind you.
Never assume that you are smart
enough to take a bath while listening
to your Ipod without dropping it in.
Also, don' t expect Apple to
When your husband f, s you
to the bed, make sure you can reach
the key in case he runs out the door
to head off your child that came
home from a sleep over
Never clean off a meat
by running it between
your lips
When you discover a bat flying around
inside your house, don' t scream bloody
murder and threw the phone acre's the
reem. The person whe you were talking
will probably think yeu’ re actually
being; bloodily murdered and call the
cops to your house,
When putting the Chocolate syrup
bottle back in the fridge, never assume
the wet substance that dripped on your
finger is chacolate off the bottle and
lick it off without leeking. Especially if
it has been a while since you cleaned
out the fridge.
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Submitted: 05/11/2010
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#4 - theguynobodyknows (12/09/2011) [+] (1 reply)
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#3 - TsutetsuRX (05/14/2010) [-]
these are good, and I have certainly learnt a lot XD
User avatar #2 - tehfoofie (05/11/2010) [-]
Also, don't try to use your cell phone as an mp3 player whilst showering. AT&T may not understand...

*rl experiece*
User avatar #1 - penguino (05/11/2010) [-]
oh wow thats something i got learn not to do at all
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