i hate these teachers 1. teachers like this...... i always get them......
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i hate these teachers 1

teachers like this...... i always get them.....

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Submitted: 10/15/2012
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#65 - curbed (10/16/2012) [+] (15 replies)
I had this God awful English teacher in middle school, she was a total favoritist who was only nice to the popular kids, no matter how much they would interrupt her class she would just laugh it off. We had this extremely unpopular kid named Adam who she absolutely hated, I remember a few times when she was just inappropriate to him, but one time that was just absolutely ridiculous was when Adam went to blow his nose in some tissue and threw it out in the closest trash can which just so happened to be the one by her desk. This bitch stopped the entire class and yelled at him for throwing his tissue in "her trashcan" and forced him to dig it out of the trashcan and throw it out in the other trashcan by the door. She also hated me, because surprise surprise, I wasn't a popular kid, I have ADHD and to help calm myself and keep from fidgeting in my seat I would keep a little drawing notebook, which was properly labeled "drawings" anyway one day we were taking notes and I like to take them tilted towards me on hard covered books, because I'm a weird person, so I took out my drawing notebook to use for this purpose. The cunt sees that the notebook has "Drawings" written across it and snatched it out from my hands, flips through it (A violation of my privacy), and refuses to return it to me. Keep in mind it's not like I had the thing open and was doodling in it, I was just using it to write on. She wouldn't give it back to me until the end of the class and spat at me "If I ever see this thing again I'm keeping it and throwing it out." But because of that cunt I've made the decision to take teaching up as my career in the hopes of helping kids who deal with bullying and giving them a good educational experience free of social prejudice.
TL;DR : Because of a bad teacher I had, I'm becoming a teacher in the hopes to help kids have a better experience in school.
User avatar #2 - lolollo (10/15/2012) [+] (7 replies)
Really? I'm a medic, but hate people.

Except that the later was caused by the former.
#10 - isthispatrick (10/15/2012) [+] (2 replies)
If i was a teacher i would start hating children to.
User avatar #34 - gevaudan (10/15/2012) [+] (11 replies)
In the final year of my old primary-school, we had a radical feminist for a teacher.
Like a proper, all women would be better off with out men radical feminist.
Her favourite animal was a sea-horse because males give birth.
Every time we did sport, she'd give us a ten-15 minute lecture on how women are just as good (better) at sport than guys (on top of that we did net-ball and field-hockey).
She treated girls in the class better than the boys and her own son and usually took their suggestions for what we would do.
Whenever I noticed the hypocrisy of this, guess who got a detention?
Apparently, a lot of people would shift schools when they had her.
Myself included.
#58 - skinless (10/15/2012) [+] (1 reply)
*******					 teachers   
number one 						********					 excuse to there 						********					    
******* teachers
number one ******** excuse to there ********
#53 - iclarinet (10/15/2012) [-]
#6 - umppis (10/15/2012) [+] (1 reply)
**umppis rolls 34** my teacher taught me to do this
#73 - ieatyououtaldaylon (10/16/2012) [-]
When I correct my teacher.
When I correct my teacher.
#19 - reinbowxdash (10/15/2012) [+] (5 replies)
**reinbowxdash rolled a random image posted in comment #1161521 at MLP Friendly Board ** my sex ed teacher
#78 - greatgatsby (10/16/2012) [+] (5 replies)
Maybe teachers hate kids because of the crap they get from students like you?
#46 - zeelegoboy (10/15/2012) [-]
Comment Picture
#116 - damngnome (10/16/2012) [-]
Just maybe
User avatar #30 - njhahahahaha (10/15/2012) [-]
I went to pick up my five year old little brother from school. I can confirm that those teachers you thought were so mean in elementary school really were that mean.
#80 - alphajunk (10/16/2012) [-]
Everyone in my class are talking and my math teacher says shut up,but one does not simply stop a class from talking on 7th period   
&gt;Teacher shouts at us after we get a wrong answer cause we didn't learn it   
&gt;Teacher at the end of class says &quot;I wanna kick every kid in the 						*******					 face&quot;   
&gt;MFW after hearing that
Everyone in my class are talking and my math teacher says shut up,but one does not simply stop a class from talking on 7th period
>Teacher shouts at us after we get a wrong answer cause we didn't learn it
>Teacher at the end of class says "I wanna kick every kid in the ******* face"
>MFW after hearing that
#67 - basichaharemix (10/16/2012) [-]
My english teacher was giving my class an example on descriptive essays. So what he was using for an example was a steak. He says, "The best questions that a reader usually asks are: how tender, thick, or big it might be" Now me, being the trickster I am just said, "That's what she said". He gets mad, tells the dean of my school about it, and I get a suspension for "sexual conduct"...the **** is that ******** !?
User avatar #17 - rjake (10/15/2012) [-]
i dont think they hate kids until they start to work with kids.
User avatar #1 - Esplosions (10/15/2012) [-]
They do it for the hours, and summers off.
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