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#140 - neutralgray
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(10/15/2012) [-]
**** is filled with girls just like the former but we swoon over them and tell them how pretty they are. We make them think they're liked for doing such from the very start. Face it. There are those of you who get off to girls like the former and find it hot when they're promiscuous little deviants but the moment they throw their life away the facade is over and it becomes clear that "they were only good for one thing." One thing other people lead them to thinking is okay. Other people lead them to believe is a stable basis for liking them. I'm not saying Todd was an angel. Clearly she wasn't. It's equally clear though that she more than likely had major self-esteem issues. I feel bad for both these girls. I do. It's an injustice that the latter wasn't as noticed BUT the girl Amanda was a person, too.Calling her a whorebag serves no point.

Yeah... Yeah... I guess I am a moral fag. I'm just tired of seeing this site be so hypocritical, though. There are those "that gave me hope for humanity" posts where one person exhibits a kindness towards another person that all of you love so much but right after you click next this is the stuff that makes you laugh. God, a lot of you seemed so damned arrogant about what you think "humanity" should be like but the truth is if the world ran the way this site truly sees fit (past all the jokes), it'd be ******.