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#1412 - anon
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(10/14/2012) [-]
You people who say she deserved it are ignorant. She was only 14, when she posted the pic in the chatroom. That is child porn. She was only a child. The guy/guys who had her pics & who sent them out over the internet should be in jail right now...along with all of the people bullying her regularly. Who's ******* business was it who she slept with by the way? That was between her, the guy, & his gf. That guy preyed upon her...made her believe there was 1 person who cared. So she made mistakes like everyone has & will...including those of you on here. I just hope the people you all wrong are more kind.**** Karma is a bitch. Those of you posting your hate comments... Well, I'm sure you are bullies yourselves & hope very much that you get what you deserve!!!
#1488 to #1412 - anon
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(10/15/2012) [-]
Oh, guess what, this is me not giving a ****.
She made retarded mistakes that anyone with any ounce of common sense wouldn't have.
#1427 to #1412 - yoshiwalker
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