abortion, facebook, fail,. So I was perusing Facebook, when I found and commented on this, she ended up deleting me as a friend a blocking me on facebook..... W
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abortion, facebook, fail,

So I was perusing Facebook, when I found and commented on this, she ended up deleting me as a friend a blocking me on facebook..... Who cares right?
BACKGROUND INFO: We are from Ireland and the countries first ever abortion clinic just opened.... people are in a uproar about it

Denise Kane
24 minutes ago . I,
Thinks its ridiculous people trying to bring abortion into Ireland!!
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They' re not trying to force you into it, you don' t HAVE to go get an abortion, what
they' re doing is giving people the CHOICE to have an abortion tthey feel they are not ready or capable of
that amount of responsibility.
14 minutes ago . Like .
p, Denise Kane yes in Northern Ireland but there trying to bring t into the republic.'
IE 13 minutes ago . Like
Iknow. Same rules apply. They are bringing a choice, nota order.
12 minutes ago . Like . dhl
4 Denise Kane Doesnt matter what they are bringing... its absolutely sick and ts murder and they shouldn' t
Ital be giving a CHOICE
11 minutes ago . Like .
tortue, who are you to ? you don' t want to abort? Don' t. But don' t sit on
your lg horse and ofthose in other situations. Sperm is no more a baby than an omelette
be chicken dinner.
5 minutes ago . Like . .5112
Denise Kane Eh **** off Darragh Seriously!
5 minutes ago . Like . as 1
gr You just publicly chastised women for making a choice, don' t expect me to make t easy
for you, so tell me, are the use of condoms abortion? How about you going on the pill? Where exactly do
you draw the line here?
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I Jute a comment...
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Submitted: 10/11/2012
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#2 - vigilantej (10/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
for the record once sperm enters a women body and the egg is fertilized life is created and destroying that life is murder (religion is not why i make this claim but scientific fact) and i believe abortion is wrong unless in situation of rape, mothers health is at risk ect abortion should not happen if they didn't want a child use protection or better yet don't have sex but if you get get pregnant but don't want the baby don't kill it put it up for adoption think about it wouldn't you rather have a chance of life arnt you glad you didn't get aborted?
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