Life as a doctor. Probably sucks when Christians are about. Hr Eng Hrs der sun. I' m we to ltr t Wu That your son s Surgery has i He a doctor, just finished a l

Life as a doctor

Probably sucks when Christians are about

Hr Eng Hrs der sun.
I' m we to ltr t Wu
That your son s
Surgery has i
He a doctor, just finished
a life savin sur ery
that no one Hugh could
be dune. but I succeeded
in savin the kid' s lite
And gain;
To tell his parents
The good new!
Thank ynu_ lnrr!
Oh he' s aver in 3136
If fan Hanna see him
Let‘; and thank End
Bceause of hi! that
Eur men is alive
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Submitted: 10/11/2012
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#3 - Mikeyh (10/11/2012) [-]
Doctors face after
Doctors face after
#8 - mcismyname (10/12/2012) [+] (1 reply)
i highly doubt you're a doctor.
the satisfaction of saving a human life is, for a doctor, reward great enough that recognition from people you will never see again is negligible.
people who thank god are just expressing their gratitude at something that the doctor has provided. So without explicitly saying so, they are thanking the doctor. anyone who's not an egocentric asshole would be content with that.
User avatar #1 - blbrian (10/11/2012) [+] (2 replies)
So you save a child's life, and then you start acting butthurt because the parents are idiots? Great job OP
#2 to #1 - IAMDIZZYONFANTA (10/11/2012) [-]
Got to have some pride for your work.
#12 - bible ONLINE (10/12/2012) [-]
This joke is completely original and not at all overused in any way whatsoever.

Good job pushing such original content through these hilarious new faces, in which I have never seen before.

And while I'm going down the sarcasm road, OP is totally not a faggot and most certainly does not gargle dicks every morning for his daily ******* breakfast.
User avatar #6 - upunkpunk (10/12/2012) [-]
They already thanked you with money
User avatar #4 - boeka (10/11/2012) [-]
The doctors don't really mind. They enjoy saving the child / patient equally much even if the parents thank God(s) or the doctor. It's a human life, afterall. They don't do it for thanks and giggles.
#19 - bobolue (10/12/2012) [-]
<- graduating med school lol
<- graduating med school lol
#14 - memescomefromb (10/12/2012) [-]
Preeeetty sure the hefty bill he'll send them will be enough of a thanks for him.
User avatar #10 - higaphix (10/12/2012) [-]
So what happens when you have Christian doctors? Doctors say "Thank God" when they too finish up with a case
User avatar #7 - ademan (10/12/2012) [-]
i was thinking a about a different doctor
User avatar #18 - Skrufymunky (10/12/2012) [-]
I doubt any doctor would be wasting his time creating rage comics...
#16 - anonymous (10/12/2012) [-]
A doctors success or failure is in GODs hands.
User avatar #15 - kosicandavid (10/12/2012) [-]
well many christians are praying for the surgeon goes well not directly to god to heal the patient... these type of people are just ****** hypocrites....
User avatar #5 - spikethepony (10/11/2012) [-]
... Although I do approve and prayer 'n' **** , it's quite important to also follow mundane practices, and to be thankful to the doctor and whatnot....
I don't exactly like it when asshole theists make the rest of us look bad.
User avatar #20 - forsakensaint (10/12/2012) [-]
Should get my degree and refuse to treat any religious patience by saying ''Why don't you ask your god to cure you!?'' Also laught, like hell...
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