MC Brain vs. MC Penis. This masterpiece was created by my friend. He gave me his permission to share it with you here.. BRAIN versus PENIS Penis: Surrender now,
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MC Brain vs. MC Penis

This masterpiece was created by my friend. He gave me his permission to share it with you here.

Tags: Brain | Penis
Surrender now, or it' s gonna be bloody.
I' m the most important part of every man' s body.
And when I' m inside women, they feel really great.
Well, not all of them, only those who are straight.
But anyway, I still put you down any time Iwant.
I' m the most effective weapon ever used by James Bond.
How is it that I' m the one who can attract a Bond girl?
Even with all your neurons you can only wonder.
Go **** yourself with your stupid grey matter.
You' re more complicated than me, but I am still better.
Comparing you to me is like comparing a **** to a treasure.
You make people think about problems, while I give them pleasure.
Come on, Penis‘. I' m a geniusly
You' re trying to match me? You can' t be even serious.
I did invent laser beams and design the Eiffel tower.
Nothing in this world can co mp are to my processing power.
I' m the engine driving progress of the human race.
Without me they wouldn' t be able to go to space.
You give people mic retrun pleasure while creating troubles in the long- run.
I' heard of kids whose parents got AIDS and who therefore became orphan.
Despite all this bad things the average human lifespan increases.
But that' s only because I develop cures for diseases.
And when it comes to search for the most accurate definition
of the word dick, you must admit you have no competition.
I really don' t see what is to blame
on the fact that Richard is my name.
And yeah, by the way, I prob ably forgot to introduce
you to the fact that without me you' re not able to reproduce.
You do the critical thinking ******** , but I do insemination,
so without me the humans would die out after the first generation.
There would be no spaceships and no lasers,
so shut the **** up and let' s see some good movies on Brazzers.
And Brain? What the **** do you mean short run and long run?
Thinking is painful, it' s better to have sex for fun.
You can control most of the body parts, but not me, *************** .
I erect whenever Iwant, so **** you, you suckery
Still trying to fight me? Please, stop being silly.
I cannot control you, but it doesn' t matter really.
When we see a sexy girl, you' d probably like to stay,
but I can order the legs to ******* run away.
You see, I' m the boss here, and now I' m goinna beat you.
And what did you say? Did you say I need you?
Let' s make it clear, I' m like a virus and you' re like a cell.
I abuse your reproductive system, and you can go to hell,
because you can' t stop me from doing this, so what?
You can' t even refuse to erect, if the lady is really hot.
After all, you do what leant because I am the master
and you' re just a stupid slave, so suck my neural cluster.
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Submitted: 10/09/2012
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#1 - bigstanky (10/09/2012) [-]
next epic rap battle of history
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