If Mitt Romney had a Kickstarter. Thanks to Cracked for making me laugh like an idiot. . Autostart My Heart by Mitt Updates I] " ' Belmont, MA Ewen I' m my a E  mitt romney kickstarter cracked Hangonwhat

If Mitt Romney had a Kickstarter

Thanks to Cracked for making me laugh like an idiot.

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Autostart My Heart
by Mitt
Updates I] " ' Belmont, MA
I' m my a E 2012
that wants to fix our
it funding will 23. Nra
Hey, what' s up, guys! here. I know a let er you think
me as out m touch, but I' always had my nose en the pulse.
Sure. I may be en television new. but as I sit here in my skullcap
and deepah neck, typing out this sever letter en my in
a pair of gloves, I can safely say that I' ll always be
are of you at heart as were school taught me that.
slang with a lifetime of lessens that I' ll never forget. By farms
meet important are was 'Remember your reels". And my rents
are here, en the were Witte Web. con nesting with all
hiphuggers. Let that square Obama have his Tweeter - l knew
seer and quickstart is met.
I' m breaking in en the grep Hem just like you, which is why I' m
using ta kick eff the end er my distribution drive.
There' s minimum here - denote whatever yeti can': But you
might want ts borrow same maney hem your parents so U CAN
HAW ens of the pledge rewards! The legal limit "
donations is 52. 500. but feel free be send me an AIM Instant
Test anew private investment opportunities.
And remember. in . be toss in a vets for Hematite.
can totally PAWN that jerk Obama!'
reeally net e I we were was
Like me en
HIV‘ I ? IT the maty EDGE ' t MIP, you can erector
Bank This Prefect
first Hershey
Helmets. MA
H First crested
Pledge use as mere
A LATIN JOURNEY: You and I will
my Hanan heritage up
the feed my puma. m
Chinese Mexican Grill. well have emetic
dale sash as: tensile ships
is the Amman "" recip), same
steak mums. use treks Mm,
Pledge M, ttn or male
Hem MGM WITH ROM ROM: Dinner at
the ITN in teeth. TE. i,
l Warning: Things mikl' it an
I we may when the desk Daniel' s ribs
litthe table! (thatre. You musle: 21
elder fer this reward]-
wtith- mum New 2012
Pledge sues er new
Ymg -all was a new
er the an Human Benet m, use
intending e Etx: , my termite
its we ts listen en it ' ttr
genes need semis tees: feral! these
Pledge '2, 000 or mess
Whit gs he a sensed featuring the
heme use withers. Bon Iver!
steer dearer the hurricane when
starts ' is
biten' en e Cmyk and ‘Ten Give Line
is Bad rollme' l
Pledge eases er mess
THE RIGHT PATH: This viii resettle the
Hilts personal guesses : ' iep its
yew tree . the mum
mend - my that better
than I tie. as I' m here is help. I will
en flew Ne teamed ls rise share
walk and earthy! a level messes
that swede an duplicate.
Key lessens it' : "Born HUI? A
Partisan That Matters is , and
Now Paying A Tani new lullabies
Fess e Here‘.
mum New 2012
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User avatar #2 - mitchyw (10/07/2012) [-]
I wanna nom nom with rom rom. Already got my deep v
#1 - anonymous (10/07/2012) [-]
I'm going for the $1,000 reward.
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