Redneck Dishwasher. .. that is so sad :{. oh and dave get a life wait no get a girlfriend!!!!!!
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Redneck Dishwasher

Tags: Redneck | Dogs


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#24 - anonymous (02/06/2009) [-]
gets the job done!
#23 - anonymous (09/20/2007) [-]
**** you the so bad you hore of a slut
#22 - anonymous (08/31/2007) [-]
#21 - anonymous (08/29/2007) [-]
what the **** is ur problem dave, u have serious problems.
#20 - anonymous (08/29/2007) [-]
Dave your really gross stop leaving rude commets on my picture!
#19 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
that is so sad :{. oh and dave get a ******* life wait no get a girlfriend!!!!!!
#18 - anonymous (08/28/2007) [-]
yeeah, right now I'm screwing my dog in the ass and wanking him off with my hand and his cum tastes so good. His ass is so tight and warm on my cock. I'm gonna lick all my cum from his ass the get him to lick me off
#17 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
ha! nick is such a dumass, he got beat by that other guy, and the fake daves really set up humor wen the pics dont, but it is gettin a lil old(not the daves posting sick comments, their ideas)
#16 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
(same as the second post by me) I also love ******* a dog in the ass, the sucking it's cock and licking my cum from it's ass. Then I let the dog hump me and lick my cock. I <3 cum
#15 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
This is my first pic that got in (i became a member like 2 days ago:D)but i'm sooo happy thx for the comments
#14 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
Hi Im da real Dave & Im ****** sick of u ******** pretendin 2 b me & impersonate me!i no like takin dogs cock from da bhind & lettin it cum in my ASS!Although I do like sukin its dick, letin it cum in my mouth, and then usin its cum as lube 4 my dick
#13 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
ok dave u are ****** nasty get a life!!!!
#12 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
Nick your a ******* idiot your second you dumb peice of **** , look next time before you wanna say "first bitches" you dumb whore
#11 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
(Sob) sorry but i was gonna submit this :'-( otherwise it's a funny picture
#10 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
david's sexual comments make me want to do the dog.
#9 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
Hi, I'm the real Dave, and I'm ******* sick of you ******** pretending to be me and impersonate me! Although, I do like to have cock from behind. And I love to get a dog to do me doggy style and he cums in my ass and it feels so goood.
#8 - anonymous (08/26/2007) [-]
thats my puppy!
#7 - anonymous (08/25/2007) [-]
well it's a dog this time, but next to a cat picture...still GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 - anonymous (08/25/2007) [-]
I'm GAY & I'm Dave & i want to have sex with that dog, he looks hung
#5 - anonymous (08/25/2007) [-]
Well at least he gets free food!
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