Facebook (1). Sorry about the long read, but thought it was funny as I saw this on my news feed.. Search for people, places and things Cl, 3 hours ago . in Star words thoughts facebook
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Facebook (1)

Sorry about the long read, but thought it was funny as I saw this on my news feed.

Search for people, places and things Cl,
3 hours ago . in
Starting now Iwill write down everything that comes to my mind.
Well this is exciting! Add an exclamation point to that last sentence it will make it seem so much more
exciting. Crap I already misspelled like 3 words better right click those and fix them. Ijust misspelled,
misspelled" that? ironic. Where did the word ironic come from its like iron with an ick on the end?
What do you mean ''ick" isnt a word it? like icky but without the ''y". The end of the last sentence
should end with a question mark... fixed. What? that sound? Anyway now I’ not sure what to think
about. Technically In the very back of my mind I' m thinking things like “... Breathe... NOW” but I dont
think I have to write that. you guys wont sue me ! Sigh. That last sentence didnt have a
subject. Is that allowed? There isnt a little green line underneath it so I guess that? grammatically
correct. Complete darkness. Hmm I guess Paul as right. Wow never thought I' d think that before. Haha
wow Ijust laughed at my head... that? depressing. Ithink I' m running out . I
wonder f thoughts are like fuel and when you get old you’ re just running out of thoughts. That may be
why some old people have Alzheimers. In that case am Awaiting thoughts? Do smart people die
sooner than dumb people? These are the things that keep me up at night. I almost spelt ''night" with a
k” that would have been embarrassing, but why does ''knight" start with a “k” any way did the people
in medieval times pronounce it badnight. Also have you ever noticed that. Ijust ended the last sentence
with a cliff hanger so you? just have to wait. And you might say " f you are writing everything
you think you must have thought of the end of that sentence and so you are obligated to write it down”
and to that I say “well who is writing the paper me or you, I make the rules on this sheet of paper
whatever I say goes." In all reality though I couldnt think of something would be a good ending to the
end of that sentence, but I still thought it so I put it down. It I dont know why Ijust thought of ya but
I did. Some ducks are green that? weird, because you dont usually think about any animals being
green but then again there are also frogs, snakes and lizards. Whatever my point still stands. No one
ever says my point still sits, I might have to start doing it. Wait who died. Huh. What f you could smell
colors Ithink purple would smell the best like I mixture of orange and pleasant. That? green. Na
nanana Mn nanaa M M M That was the NCIS theme song you’ re welcome. I' m sorry (
will never have a spot in my heart his food tastes like orange and hate.
That was a small peak into how my mind works thanks.
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