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Coming from a man who's in a Christian discipleship program for a total of eight months and sees miracles pretty much daily, this is pretty damn true. However, there is also the reverence of God's name. But the Church has done so much damage to the belief system, that it's almost irreversible. Do I think homosexuality is wrong? Yeah, because I believe that what the Bible says is true. Do I hate them and think it should be illegal for them to marry? No, I just don't think that two Christian men should marry. My job isn't to judge the world, nor do I wish it to be. My job is to show love and reprove other Christians, and my concern is the religious, hateful bigots that make up the majority of Christians.

Anyway, that's just my two cents on the matter. INB4 red thumbs for being Christian and such, and INB4 people think that I hate gay people because I believe it's wrong, and thinking I'm judgmental. I don't have that authority to be judging, unless they're also in the Church, then I have the right to lovingly bring it up with them. So, have a great day guys.
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"see miracles daily"
Are we talking water into wine, or parting an entire sea, or curing a blind man, etc?
The miracle ought to be described as 'miraculous'. There have never been and never will be any miracles, your life is a lie and you really ought to reconsider most of it.
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Hah. As in me knowing things I shouldn't have known, or others knowing things about me that I had never told anybody, I've been healed of a misaligned spine, I've seen people with cerebral palsy be able to run around barefoot, didn't see a man without an eye grow back, though still prayed for him. I've had torn muscles that were hurting so badly I couldn't stand straight for four months suddenly be healed.

My list goes on and on, but me just saying it won't change your thoughts on it and I'll admit that. I wouldn't believe it if I just heard it.