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#6 - anon
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except god says he doesn't like homos in the bible, and his angels actually punished a group of homosexual men at one point before sodom and gomorrah were destroyed. this would make sense for the crusades, but not the way people see it today. jesus didnt hate or judge anyone, but he didnt condone sinful behavior. if a gay person wants to get married, fine, but they can't expect it to be accepted or recognized by the christian- or any other church- if it goes against their core beliefs. i dont judge others, and acknowledge their freedom to do as they please, but if its something i don't agree with, i'm not going to let them do it in my house- thats ****** stupid. anyone with any decency knows that its wrong/rude/ucceptable to do what ever you want in someone else's house/ facility. that being said, there is a lack of genuine respect on both parts of this debate. the church is wrong for trying to force others into their belief system by not following their own doctrines properly and interferring with peoples' personal lives, and the seculars are wrong for trying to invade the church and undermind its core values through ordinances of the law. the church should mind its business unless directly threatened-like a priest or member having affairs or something-, and the gays should accept civil unions granted by the gov't and get the same healthcare and tax stuff that the gov't offers. marriage is a religious covenant recognized by the church and its people between a man and woman. it comes with stipulations and responsibilities that are expected to be fulfilled. a marriage license is a document issued and recognized by the gov't and was started as a means of preventing interracial marriages. the gov't can change its views on who can and cannot receive a marriage certificate/license- as it has done in the past, but the church cannot change its views or definition of marriage itsself- they are also not obligated to recognize the changes in definition on such subjects