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User avatar #72 - huszti (10/03/2012) [-]
convert to norse religion! (sect or whatever it's called exactly)
it'll open tyr and thor to you!

too bad that joke's only funny in german
#73 to #72 - John Cena (10/03/2012) [-]
its Norse mythology they never call it religion
#76 to #73 - asulen (10/03/2012) [-]
Not meaning to nit pick, but I imagine at one point, it was religion.
User avatar #74 to #73 - huszti (10/03/2012) [-]
well, but you can't convert to a mythology. that doesnt make sense
User avatar #90 to #74 - dwraith ONLINE (10/03/2012) [-]
We call it mythology now. What do you think they called it?
User avatar #97 to #90 - huszti (10/03/2012) [-]
ye i know. but religion and mythology are two different things. christianity has it's own mythology too
User avatar #115 to #97 - belikea (10/03/2012) [-]
Their point is that to the Norse, it was an actual religion. It wasn't considered myth at all. And I wasn't aware that christianity had myths, as that would possibly threaten the validity of the bible, which so many people call a myth already.

In conclusion, these weren't just stories people made up to tell around the campfire. they were a real belief system that people put stock into and trusted. The only difference between them and christianity is that christianity has lasted longer.
User avatar #87 to #74 - Cartouk (10/03/2012) [-]
Then why can you convert to Christianity?
User avatar #79 to #74 - blargtastic (10/03/2012) [-]
Another thing, it wasn't a religion the way most people view religion today; they didn't need churches, or anything fancy for that matter. They only needed a mead hall and the glory of battle. The thing about the norse mythos is that, it wasn't a religion like you would thinkg, back then, it was just a commonly accepted idea that when you died a glorious death in battle, the valkyries would take you to asgard, so that would could feast, be merry, and cause a ruckus in the sky with thor and odin.
User avatar #77 to #74 - blargtastic (10/03/2012) [-]
It was a 'religion' at one point, however, most of the race has died out, or converted to christianity so that they could fight more, since that's all those people really cared about at the time. In the future, chritianity will be catigorized into mythology; that is, if history repeats itself. Also, the norse knew their gods were mischievious god who liked to party and fight, so they had fun with it.
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