Youtube comments explained. Have a link: Thank you urband Dictionary (Don't know if repost). Youtube  youtube dictionary Urban
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Youtube comments explained

Have a link:
Thank you urband Dictionary
(Don't know if repost)

Youtube Comments an up. down d-) '):I
There are 4 types of comments:
1. Short, 1 to 3 syllable comments. These are usually positive, but are still
2. Advertisements of any kind. Usually for crappy pawn sites, er for other
3. Negative criticism. While this isn' t usually a bad thing, the highest level
of criticism en Youtube consists of insulting sameone else' s sexuality
4. The insane, rambling . These are most comman en religious
and political videos, and always against the ideologies espoused in the
video. Often it starts out somewhat sane, but quickly declines into runen
sentences about government mandated brain control.
Types of Youtube comments:
1. l like it
it That is awesome check out my yids: ht t p I If w. y an um h esp m/
a. dat yin‘ suked gay u fagett suk off mom every nite
4. if the didnt do 911 how cam it happend on 911 it was a
plan by the us wiht help of new werid order organization ho
put Happine in water 2 El has mercury infections evil Jewish
space aliens ffk moon landing was actually menus glucose is lethal RISE UP
buy yr: -foutre : -mme nts mugs all shirts
by ' May 25, EDGE
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User avatar #1 - brutisonspinach (10/01/2012) [+] (14 replies)
The 4th kind usually always make great sense if you are educated enough to know what they are talking about.
User avatar #2 to #1 - chuckbillrow (10/01/2012) [-]
the 4th kind usually make great sense if you are insane enough to know what they are talking about
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