Poké rap battle. Bitch got beaten! Trying to upload daily sub/friend for more!. You re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You 2 hey Stranger: GO SCOOT
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Poké rap battle

Bitch got beaten! Trying to upload daily sub/friend for more!

You* re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You 2 hey
Stranger: GO SCOOTLE
You:. that' s not a real attack,
Stranger: Yes it isa
You: I choose magicarps
Stranger: Go Weedles
You: magicarp, use splash!
Stranger: Use Poison Sting, Weedles
You: magicarp is hurt by poison.
You: magicarp wowed into gyaradose gyarados used **** **** upi tie super effective
Stranger: Kahuna uses Harden
Stranger: Kahuna uses Challenge Gyarados in Rap Battle!
You: gyarados used rap battle)
Stranger: Gyarados might be fully mowed
But I' m Kahuna and I' m here to maul
You: your Kahuna is hard
bull rhyme like The Bard
You: ain' t no chance in hell
you' ll survive until the bell
You: Bug types are weak
So your outlook is bleak
Stranger: Kahuna fainted
Stranger: Um. --
Stranger: Go Slowpoker
You: looks like you' re out of verses,
so we be callin' the hearses
You: Bitch, 1 be flying and water,
Ain' t no combo hotter
You: by the time you' re hittin',
You: yll still be smith’
You: such a slow pace,
you gonna lose this race
Stranger: i can woke with a King' s Rock because m, like a pharoh
Stranger: l' mma use ice Beam on you just like you were a Spearow
You:. Dude, you‘ ll just wind up the same old slowbro,
Your momma‘ s ugly and your girlfriend' s a hoe
You: So you figured out my wea hoerses,
Aren' t you quite the detective?
We still got Thunder, and it' s super effective]
You: So your HP is dropping and your fainted
We still got a charizard_ Would you like to get acquainted?
Stranger: Your irresolution sells for 300 dollars
You are worth nothing men when you roar and holler
You: Magikarp' s worthless but after evolution,
You become the problem, and Fm the solution
You: Gyarados has almost fainted,
Burl got a super potion,
You may think you‘ re the boss,
but it' s time for your demotion
You: tama **** **** up in the ocean,
Leave you so alone, your only friend' s your hand lotion
Stranger: Awesome
You: bye now
Stranger: Bye
Stranger: lam sad
Stra war: You were epic
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Submitted: 09/29/2012
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